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We are a creative collaborative agency based in Nairobi, Kenya
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Picture of the Week: River Road

This week's photo (and first of the year!) comes from Lake Natron, one of Africa's most serene lakes and home to East Africa's largest flamingo population. It is a saline lake on the border of Northern Tanzania and Kenya, created by breathtaking natural pools of shallow water carved over eons into the stony bedrock. Once again, I teamed up with One Touch Live to go on another adventure discovering the picturesque and less traveled parts of our country. I was in awe during the entire two day expedition; it was one of the most extraordinary places I have ever been to, and an...

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Picture of The Week: The Change Experience

Our buddy Kato Change paid us a visit one afternoon and told us about a new initiative he was working with; Music Culture Foundation, a non-profit organization whose goal is to introduce, expose and develop young music talent in children, as music classes were dropped from the National Curriculum. We were intrigued and Migz asked if he could tag along with Kato for one of his classes. It was inspiring to see the children express such enthusiasm, and Kato such fulfilment, as he took them through the basics of guitar. Armed with every guitar he owns (which is a couple!), he demonstrated practically, the children's faces...

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