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We are a creative collaborative agency based in Nairobi, Kenya
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2Many Siblings x Ichyulu x Migwa

2Many Siblings are an eclectic duo from our hometown, Nairobi. Using influences from their heritage and their own unique point of view, they are walking pieces of art, curating transitional contemporary African narratives. When Diana Opoti got in touch with us to discuss a collaboration with 2Many Siblings and online fashion store Ichyulu, we were over the moon! As iron sharpens iron, we believe that working with those who can challenge us only serves to make us stronger. And so, on a sunny Nairobi Blue kind of afternoon, we got down to business featuring clothes from Chichia London and artistic direction from the Siblings themselves,...

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Fenamenal Style

Fena Gitu is one of Kenya's dynamic, young musicians taking over the industry right now. As a lover of art and fashion, she developed #FenamenalStyle, a collaborative effort between fashion designers, stylists and artists to create looks for her to wear to two music festivals. For the first ever #FenamenalStyle, she and her team got together with Magiq Lens photographer George Mugambi at EyeQueue Studios to bring their inspiration to life....

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Foodie by Azil

They say inspiration can strike at any time. When our friend and make up artist Liz Oduor (Azil) told us she had a food - inspired make up concept, we couldn't wait to hear more about it! We speculated for a while on what kinds of foods she would want to work with; would it be messy, would we have to cook, what happens to the leftovers..?  The concept got even more interesting for us when we discovered that she intended to use traditional African foods for her several make up looks. What followed was a week of the most delicious and exhausting...

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My Bonded Valentine – a Fifty Shades of Grey inspired shoot

Fifty Shades of Grey has been all the rage for a while now, and with the movie premiering worldwide on Valentine's day (unless you live in Kenya, lol), our friend Sinitta of Cultured Ego had the idea to do a bondage - themed photo shoot that also showcased ideal red lipsticks for different skin tones. Working with Sinitta  is always an exciting experience; she is undoubtedly the queen of creating looks from scratch using the most unconventional materials! Using the concept of bondage from Fifty Shades of Grey and her usual contrast of hard & soft, edgy & feminine, she had us searching for...

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Back to the Future

Happy New Year! We hope you're all having a fantastic one so far; if not, we're here to change that ;) This was technically our last photoshoot of 2014 - we had been toying around with a few ideas and rounded up the usual team to put it all together. Our basic idea was to shoot several different glamour and edgy looks using our muse for the shoot - model Danniella Morgan - and to create the feeling of travelling through time, essentially going "back to the future". Without saying too much, here we go! You know the drill, if you like...

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Crazy, Sexy, Cool.

Hello friends! We're trying to be better at this blogging thing so here's another one for you to sink your teeth into :) When we met Danniella while shooting for Healthy Woman, we knew we had to work with her again! We mulled over it for a while and agreed that we wanted to capture her fun, cool and carefree spirit in a bright and dynamic setting. After looking around, we found the perfect location; vibrant mabati, brick walls, symmetrical 3D patterns, we had struck gold! As fate would have it, the location did not pan out and we were extremely disheartened....

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Fear & Desire: Release

We're back! :) So sorry we've been gone so long but we were ÜBER busy with our exhibition. Didn't hear about that? For shame! You've come to the right place though, so get comfortable and enjoy! Our first personal out of town shoot was at the beautiful Castle Forest Lodge, a homely serene location on the foothills of Mount Kenya. That was back in 2012 and we have grown so much since then. When we came up with another nature – themed concept, we knew instantly that we wanted to go back to Castle and do the location justice, with the...

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