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Welcome to Magiq Lens Kenya | soraya
We are a creative collaborative agency based in Nairobi, Kenya
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2Many Siblings x Ichyulu x Migwa

2Many Siblings are an eclectic duo from our hometown, Nairobi. Using influences from their heritage and their own unique point of view, they are walking pieces of art, curating transitional contemporary African narratives. When Diana Opoti got in touch with us to discuss a collaboration with 2Many Siblings and online fashion store Ichyulu, we were over the moon! As iron sharpens iron, we believe that working with those who can challenge us only serves to make us stronger. And so, on a sunny Nairobi Blue kind of afternoon, we got down to business featuring clothes from Chichia London and artistic direction from the Siblings themselves,...

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Fenamenal Style

Fena Gitu is one of Kenya's dynamic, young musicians taking over the industry right now. As a lover of art and fashion, she developed #FenamenalStyle, a collaborative effort between fashion designers, stylists and artists to create looks for her to wear to two music festivals. For the first ever #FenamenalStyle, she and her team got together with Magiq Lens photographer George Mugambi at EyeQueue Studios to bring their inspiration to life....

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